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There is More Than One Type of Wedding Ceremony

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

From destination weddings to traditional ceremonies and non-traditional ones, couples can and do choose what type of wedding ceremonies they want to have when they say their vows.

Religious Ceremony

The traditional religious ceremony will celebrate the couple while they say their vows to each other and will feature the religion of their choice. For example, a traditional Greek wedding will include the exchanging of the crowns and other rituals that will have the ceremony lasting at least an hour and a half. A Lutheran wedding ceremony, though, will be pared down from all of the symbolism and will last less than half an hour. The type of religious ceremony will depend on the religious convictions of the couple.

Non-Religious Ceremony

Similar to the traditional religious ceremony but without the ties to any religion.

Civil Union

This type of union often includes a traditional or non-traditional ceremony with the usual fanfare but without the legalities of a marriage.


An elopement is a wedding ceremony in which the couple and possibly a few friends and family are present. Many times, couples opt to elope rather than get caught up in the planning, expense, and time that having a more traditional wedding and reception will take. Many couples, after having more time to save up, can splurge to have the wedding of their dreams that they may not have been able to afford to have when they were just starting out.

Sign and Go

This is a non-ceremonious wedding in which the officiant simply signs the paperwork after the couple says their vows and "I Do's" and the couple is legally married.

Vow Renewals

This type of wedding ceremony is for couples who are already married to each other but want to re-commit their love and devotion to each other during a second wedding ceremony.

At Weddings by Camille, any option of these ceremonies and more are available. I am an officiant who is ordained by the Universal Life Church and offers both non-religious and religious wedding ceremonies. I advocate for all individuals to have the right to be married in whatever type of wedding ceremony they choose to have.

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