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Officiant Information

What is a Wedding Officiant?

 I'm glad you asked! A "wedding officiant" or sometimes referred to as a "marriage officiant" or a "celebrant" is an ordained minister who, perhaps, plays the most important role in the wedding since we're in charge of helping you say “I do.”  Without an officiant, your wedding is simply an expensive party.  So not only do we satisfy legal requirements; we also share your vision, personalize your vows, and finalize your special day. 

My Role as Your Wedding Officiant 

Conduct Consultations

  • Conduct consultations in person, by phone, or virtually.  This is our opportunity to meet each other and decide on how I can best serve your needs.

  • Gather critical details about your ceremony which will help bring your vision to life.

Create Customized Wedding Vows

  • Collect information about how you two met, what do you love about each other, how long you've been together, and any other juicy bits of information you would like to share with me. 

  • Craft your "love story" as unique as the two of you, that will be used during the ceremony.

Attend Wedding Rehearsals

  • Participate during wedding rehearsals upon request. 

  • Lead or work with a wedding coordinator to ensure smooth transitions between ceremonial elements.  

Perform the Wedding Ceremony

  • Finalize the details of your special day.

  • Perform the wedding ceremony in accordance with state and local laws

Complete the Marriage License

  • After the tears, hugs, high fives, and chest bumps, I fill out the marriage license in accordance with the county the license was obtained. 

  • Each county has unique requirements concerning how each license is to be filled out.  

File the Marriage License

  • As an added bonus, I will file the license with the county clerk.

  • I usually hand carry to ensure delivery, however, in some cases, I'll mail it in within the required time frame.  That is one less thing you have to worry about.

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