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5 Wedding Dress Trends To Adore

Saying, "Yes to the Dress," is a moment you'll always remember. When you try on many fabulous styles for the first time, it is both fun and frightening at the same time. You want to pick the one that looks great but even feels better. After all, walking down the aisle is only one piece of your special day. Today's brides don't have to choose between looking fabulous and feeling fabulous. Take a look at trending wedding dresses you will love to wear.

Form Fitting and Fabulous: Form-fitting dresses are back in vogue for brides who love to show off their curves. Corset-inspired designs with lace and see-through fabrics create romantic layers that add artistry and a historical edge to the dress while being as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans.

Romantic Puff Sleeves: Puff sleeves are having a moment for today's beautifully comfortable bridal gowns. Sheer, elegant sleeves embrace an old-world style that is both timeless and classic. The sleeves are designed to move with you so when you are walking down the aisle or having the first dance, it looks like you are floating on a dreamy cloud.

Everything Old Is New Again: Today's brides are looking for dresses that have history or a vintage feel. Everything old is new again in a time we are focusing on our environment. Instead of traditional bridal shops, brides are hitting the second hand and vintage stores to say, "yes to the dress."

Two-Piece Perfection: Growing in popularity are two-piece wedding gowns or bridal separates. The suit style fits right into this growing trend. Layering allows the bride to beautifully transition from the formal ceremony to the reception with comfort and ease. The two-piece trend also allows brides to have more than one look during their wedding experience.

Colorful and Comfortable: More casual and intimate weddings call for a colorful and comfortable bridal gown. Look for subtle colors and pretty prints to embellish and adorn wedding gowns that flow with beauty and elegant styling.

High-Low Hemlines: Midi, Maxi, and Mini hemlines have made their mark on models walking down runways and are now showing up on brides walking down the aisle on their wedding day. The high-low silhouette, shorter in the front and longer in the back, offers drama and dimension and when created with the perfect fabrics, is as comfortable as pajamas.

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