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Marriage Officiant

What is a Marriage/Wedding Officiant?

A professional marriage/wedding officiant is a licensed and experienced person who may be a government official or an ordained minister. Your wedding officiant must be legally licensed in your state to perform weddings and understand jurisdiction laws regarding the marriage license.

They ensure the wedding ceremony upholds state and local laws. Not only does a marriage/wedding officiant perform the ceremony, but on your wedding day, they fill in and sign the marriage license. Once complete, they send or hand-carry it to the county clerk's office.

You'll find your professional marriage/wedding officiant at Weddings by Camille. Camille Kent is ordained through The Universal Life Church. She performs both religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies and specializes in personalized traditional and non-traditional ceremonies.

If you're searching for a marriage/wedding officiant in or near Bolingbrook, Chicago, or the surrounding western suburbs, get in touch with Weddings by Camille. Let me help you create your ideal wedding ceremony.

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